About Us


Innovation Driven!


International Emergency Management and Homeland Security Institute (IEMHSI) is an innovation-driven education and research organization pioneering state of the art learning technologies for law enforcement, first responders, public health, homeland security and emergency management professionals. IEMHSI collaborates cross-disciplinary with industry, academia and research programs to create educational and research projects. 

IEMHSI has a cadre of public safety experts that are continually developing advanced learning technologies that provide a real and immersive learning experience to all private and governmental public safety professionals. IEMHSI’s programs have the purpose of measuring participants’ actual capabilities and areas of improvement while training and exercising according to the implemented plans and resources in a safe and controlled environment. Some of IEMHSI’s training technologies and services include: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Interactive Virtual Instructor, Multimedia Online courses and On-Site Classroom Training.